Natalia Szostak "Extraction | Ekstrakcja | Išrovimas" - exhibition in Borderland House in Sejny

Ekstrakcja - Natalia Szostak - wystawa Sejny 2024

Natalia Szostak "Extraction|Ekstrakcja"- exhibition in Borderland House in Sejny. Opening on May 2, 2024

The exhibition surveys an ongoing investigation into the layered family roots' makeup and their faint origin. An unpublished memoir guides the passage through international archives, a meander of languages and real-life locations. Crossing the Baltic Sea, retracing two addresses in Telšiai and Vilnius mark the Lithuanian leg of the journey, dead-ending at the Belarus border with a guelder rose bush. In spring, the plant blossoms with creamy-white flowers. By autumn, they turn into round, translucent, bright red berries. Bleeding pink once squashed. In Slavic mythology, the guelder rose symbolized the sun, making it untouchable and sacred. It was said to connect the world of the living with the world of the dead.

Ekstrakcja Natalia Szostak Sejny plakat

The extracted borderland fruit dye, splinters of text in a foreign alphabet, long video stills of half-empty streets, recurrent plant quotations in an old woman's tale – the bizarre crop of imploded memory helps reassemble the fragmented image of an uprooting amidst the forgetting.