The Gucio Enchanted Studio

This Studio has existed for over three years. It is a kind of art workshop but not only. The participants are kindergarden and early school children, so the youngest are three whereas the oldest are about eight, so it is quite often the case that older children help the younger ones do certain tasks.

The youngest are often accompanied by their parents and grandparents whom we welcome as well and who also take part in our activities. We are happy to refer to their experience, skills and knowledge but also to their memories and recollections.

In the Studio there are two permanent groups of children: one comes from Krasnogruda and Sejny and another from the primary school in Poćkuny. The activities are often related to the adventures of Gucio who was the character of Czesław Miłosz’s favourite book of his childhood and are a blending of art classes, ecology and nature.