The Chronicles of Sejny Studio

The Chronicles of Sejny as the artistic and educational project was launched in 1999. It is another element of the long run work of the Borderland Foundation and Centre for Arts, Cultures and Nations with children and teenagers who have an opportunity to respond in a creative way to the question how to make the cultural heritage a vivid content of the life of the young generation. In connection to this project a few detailed question are important: how do we implement individual memory, common history, the awareness of the cultural heritage into the lives of the youth, how do we invite the youth to join the creative adventure of discovering their own history – their town, their region and their family, what kind of language should we find to tell this particular history, how should we build up the cultural identity so that it will be focused on the culture of home and family, on the heritage of our ancestors, on being rooted and, above all, how to build up the sense of homeliness in our “little homeland”?

These questions are the set of keys that will hopefully enable the young generation to understand that their living place has the intricate cultural heritage, to make this heritage more than a list of names and scattered ideas, and to welcome it and its multicultural dimensions into their hearts.