The Natural World Studio

The Natural World Studio has one major focus which is the rhythm of nature. With the help of experts in the fields (ornithology, botany, geology etc.) we study the nature that surrounds us with the use of some artistic techniques (such as engravings and clay sculpture) and foster what we have learnt by preparing exhibitions and books devoted to particular topics which are all thought over by children that participate in our activities. For example, our Studio is proud to have prepared the catalogue of the birds that inhabit the park in Krasnogruda. The activities take place within the space of the park and are designed in the most practical way possible. We find out about the nature around us taking one step after another in our park and observing mindfully plants, birds, rodents, insects and water and try to notice all the changes that take place with each of the seasons of the year. We use magnifying glasses, microscopes, telescopes and binoculars in order to explore the natural world around. In charge of the Natural World Studio is Ksenija Konopek.