Borderland Foundation

Dwór w Krasnogrudzie

Borderland Foundation is a non-profit organization which since 1990 has been working to revive and establish in the modern context the ethos of the coexistence of people living among a strong cultural ethnic, generational and ideological and other types of diversity. The general aim of the initiatives undertaken by the Foundation is the development of a new civic formation which both knows and respects the tradition and history of their place of residence, their „little homeland”, and which also creates an open society, respecting otherness.

Two paths of action predominate in the substantial actions of the Foundation. One path is local action: cultural, educational and artistic work with the local community on the basis of a workshop of integrative practices developed over the years. The basis of this workshop is daily work in a particular place covering the whole of the community, from the youngest to its oldest members. Different laboratories, based on the symbiosis of art and education, are led by an experienced team of artists, culture promoters, and educators developing theatrical performances, concerts, films, exhibitions, books, and innovative educational programs.

The second path leads abroad, to activities in the multicultural regions of the world (Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Central Asia). Using many years of experience in working on different borderlands, the Borderland Foundation aims to initiate and expand a movement of Bridge Builders – people committed to promotion of modern ethos of commonality based on dialogue and interdependence. This vision encompasses the education of new cultural leaders and the creation of an international network of people sharing our belief in culture as an agent of social change. Long term activities carried out in this area, basing on the restored manor and park of Krasnogruda, brought the establishment of the International Centre for Dialogue. Its activities bring living culture into dialogue with the region’s rich heritage, bridging different generations, languages, world views, professions and life experiences and contributing to a culture of solidarity for tomorrow.

Supplementing Borderland’s practices is development of a new reflection in the field of intercultural dialogue. Through programs such as the Borderland Publishing House, the Documentation Center of the Borderland Cultures, a residency program and cooperation with international universities Foundation aims to develop the idea of the borderland within the context of the crucial problems of modern times and to provide innovative tools for research, reflection and education.