Regional Eduaction Studio

Since the very first moment of its existence, the Borderland Centre for Arts, Cultures and Nations has conducted the educational programs for tolerance working on the innovative forms of getting to know the history and culture of one another’s neighbours. The education has always been adapted to the age of participants: kindergarden children, primary, high school students and finally, university students. In September 2004 the regional education program was launched and prepared together with the teachers from the primary schools from Sejny. The program is founded on the experience of the Centre so far and is connected with exploring the multicultural heritage of Sejny and the multinational traditions and customs. The activities are organized in the studios of the Borderland which are devoted to: history, theatre, music and singing, ceramics, weaving, film and photography.

The program refers to diverse methods of education work. It includes presentations, trips, meetings and active participation in creative practices such as working on the dictionary of local culture and history (the ABC Book), singing and dancing workshops, film production, photography books, artwork and preparing family trees.

The programme of Regional Education also includes the issues linked with the history of Sejny, the traditional job activities of Sejny inhabitants and the local communities.