Timothy Snyder on Julia Musakovska

Facing the Wart -- the first series including the book by Julia Musakovska

In his recent blog entry, Timothy Snyder refers to a poem he first heard and read during his stay in Krasngoruda.

The poem was written by Julia Musakovska and comes from one of the books from the Facing the War series that the Borderland published in order to support Ukrainian writers.
Timothy Snyder discussed the poem during one of his lectures from the series called The Making of Modern Ukraine.
The crucial point of the comment is that the poem shows the struggle to describe the atrocities that the Ukrainian people have been undergoing needs to be expressed in an artistic means: ‘’war itself must be described”.

You can read Timothy Snyder’s comment here.

It is recommendable to listen to Timothy Snyder's lecture called Ukrainian Ideas in the 21st Century on culture in which the notion of Ukrainian culture including the comments on Julia Mosakovska's poem. The lecture is to be found here.