Beyond Borders Academy - a new program in cooperation with the Borderland Foundation.


Beyond Borders Academy is a joint initiative of four organizations: The Kosciuszko Foundation, Borderland Foundation, Folkowisko Association, and the School for Leaders Foundation. Its goal is to prepare an active community of young people from Ukraine, Belarus and Poland to build relations and form new opportunities for cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe.

The premise of the Program

The initiators of the Program want to create a space for young people who, despite the difficult situation in their countries, want to actively work for their communities. The basis is the local area, but ultimately, the academy aims to broaden the horizons of participants to a regional perspective and international partners.

“We want to build social capital and give impetus for community action in Central and Eastern Europe” - said the organizers. 

The aim of the Academy

Beyond Borders Academy is a course that will prepare young people from Ukraine, Belarus, and Poland: 

  • for leadership roles and effective social action; 
  • to bring about change in their communities;  
  • to introduce new quality to social initiatives; 
  • to cooperate with partners from the Central and Eastern European region.

The Program is dedicated to individuals who:

  • are between 18-26 years old;
  • have at least one year of experience in community action or project work;
  • are interested in international cooperation;
  • have the support of the organization or community with which they are working; 
  • speak English at an intermediate or advanced level. 

People from Belarus and Ukraine are welcome to join the Program - including those who are abroad but work for the Belarusian or Ukrainian community.

How do we work? 

- The classes are workshop-based. They are interactive, to use the participants’ experience. We offer training games, working in a team, group discussions, and interactive presentations — they are a starting point for reflecting on one's leadership, and influence on others, and can inspire one to develop or acquire new competencies. Our workshops allow for their practical acquisition in a favorable environment. 

A key part of the course is the meetings and workshops held during study visits. Working with a tutor during and between conventions will allow you to develop leadership skills, gain more from the activities, and translate newly acquired knowledge into your practice. After the workshop part, BBA participants will have the opportunity to work together during the implementation of a project they will prepare together.

Classes within the project will be conducted in English. 

The Program includes: 

- two five-day study visits, combined with workshops, to places that show what cooperation across, or between, borders can look like, which makes for a total of 10 days of leadership and collaboration training in practice;

- and two online events:  

- the inauguration of the Program, which will introduce the BBA’s themes and methods of working, and allow you to meet an inspiring guest speaker — an expert in leadership and regional perspectives, and allow all participants to get to know each other

- online workshops between training conventions — lectures and classes regarding Central and Eastern European perspectives. 


After the Beyond Border Academy workshops, the organizers will invite participants to carry out joint projects. A competition will be announced for mini-grants, i.e. an opportunity to create and conduct an original initiative, which will be fully paid for by the organizers. Projects can touch upon issues such as education, diplomacy, culture and art, local social development, climate/ecology, or trans-regional cooperation with different social groups. 


To strengthen leadership roles and support leadership development, the participants will work with a tutor in small groups (group tutoring). During the study visits, there will be 4 live tutoring group meetings and one online meeting between conventions.

Important deadlines:

Application deadline: April 5, 2023

Publication of the list of people accepted to the BBA: April 27, 2023 

The ceremonial inauguration of Beyond Borders Academy (online): May 24, 2023 

Leadership and Cooperation Workshop + study visit to Gorajec: June 4 - 10, 2023 

Workshop (online): August 2, 2023 

Collaboration, project, leadership in practice Workshop + study visit in Krasnogruda: September 10 - 16, 2023 

Meetings with the tutor: four during study visits, one in July/August (online), and one at the end of the project in December 2023 (online)

Mini-project competition: September - December 2023 

Considering the length and intensity of the Program, make sure you will be able to attend all the events before you apply.

Make sure the Program's schedule of meetings and activities suits you so that you will be able to attend the live meetings in Poland, as well as the meetings held online. 

Participation in the Program is free of charge. All costs of participation in the program are covered by the organizers.

Participation in the Program is free of charge. All costs of participation in the program are covered by the organizers.